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Posted by on May 17, 2019

How to Write a Professional Blog Article

An article is a piece of writing that is intended to provide information to its readers. Most of the time, writers are asked to create a piece based on their expertise and own knowledge. Someone who knows what they are talking about is the best person to create an appealing article.

Now a days we can find articles in print and digital formats thanks to advances. With the World Wide Web having advanced significantly, so has the way that we show media and share information.

A blog can be found on any topic and is very common online. However, if what one wishes to create is a professional blog article and not a blog post, there are various things to keep in mind. Below are important aspects one should pay attention to before and while writing:

Research – make sure facts are correct

As mentioned previously, one should write about what they know. However, in various different topics the facts and information can change. So it is good to do some research about the chosen topic, and make sure that the knowledge that will go into the article is still correct. If an article is written with the wrong facts, it can be concerning to a reader and make you lose credibility.

Formal writing rather than casual

An article has a more formal writing style with reportage, accurate information and/or statistics. The main objective is to educate readers or let them know about important things that are going on in today’s world. Bullet points should not be used here. However, the writer can use paragraph style writing with appropriate subheaders. The length that is recommended for an article is debatable now that they are no longer just tangible. Usually an article is at least over 300 words.


Avoid plagiarism, use your voice

The importance of not committing plagiarism is crucial. A properly created article will not consist of anyone else’s work, research or words. The article should be created by you, and with your own words. Research can be used to help assist your writing, however, if anything is used a credit is necessary, and even in these case scenarios the article should be your own voice. Failure to abide by this can sometimes end in legal issues that could have been avoided.

Pay attention to grammar and punctuation

A well written article should have the writer with both grammar and punctuation in mind throughout the whole process. In many cases, an article gets sent to an editor who perfects the article for you before it gets shown to the public. Even though this is so, it is still beneficial to write with proper grammar and punctuation.

To summarize, an article is more professional and well thought out than a blog post. Although blog posts are very appealing and fun to read, they tend to have a more casual and informal feel to it. Many times, they are self-published and do not go through too much editing if any, and its length usually ranges anywhere from less than a hundred to a few hundred words.