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Welcome to Latin Women’s Business (LWB). The nonprofit society that aims to help both, aspiring and continuing Latin businesswomen starting from Vancouver, British Columbia. LWB aims to help strengthen and assist women to succeed – touching several different aspects from developing one’s positive self-image to the continuance of making professional connections.

The reason that this cause has been founded and initiated is because, there was a need for Latin women to have a place that they could call their own, with the objective of being as successful as they can be in their professional fields. Providing as many helpful tools as possible to make this a reality, is an ongoing task for Latin Women’s Business.


The mission of this nonprofit cause is to encourage and support the increase of Latin businesswomen in the workplace, while connecting them with the business world.


Ultimately, increasing the amount of diversity within Canada’s business industry.

Our group of females can look forward to various events throughout the year. All which include educational seminars, all Latin or general businesswomen networking events, special dining occasions, and even helpful events which are more personal such as meditation to name a few. Majority of educational events are free to attend.

Visit the events page to see the upcoming event that Latin Women’s Business has planned.

Moreover, if you are a businesswoman wanting to connect with Latin businesswomen, please visit our Meet the Women page so that we can keep you in mind, and let you know of any events that are for businesswomen in general.

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