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About Us


Latin Women’s Business (LWB), is a nonprofit organization that encourages and supports the increase of Latin female professionals and entrepreneurs. Additionally, it provides opportunities for these professionals to connect with other women in the business world through various types of events held within the Greater Vancouver area. We are focused on truly helping one another, and using unity as our strongest suit to help make every LWB woman successful.

Moreover, Latin Women’s Business is different than other nonprofit societies because unlike many of them, we operate with an entrepreneurial perspective, along with the help of appreciated sponsors and donators. We feel that as businesswomen we can generate the monetary amounts that we need with teamwork, business knowledge and valuable support.

If you would like to know a bit more about how Latin Women’s Business came to be, you can read the following news article below which commemorates the founder (Paola Villagra), main idea of the society, objective, and the inauguration which was held in December of 2017.

The La Source Newspaper - Latin Womens Busniess Article 2017